Van Kappel - Strategic, Dynamic and Agile

Van Kappel has been a highly respected and established provider of high quality engineering, maintenance and remanufacturing services to the military for over 20 years. With contracted engineering services to the British military in Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and Kenya. Van Kappel's knowledge, expertise and experience of British Military equipment is extensive.

Mission Statement: To deliver the highest value, most dynamic, agile, lean and expedient Fleet Capability Management, Direct Repair and point of use Equipment Support solutions within our market segment, in order to enhance the customer’s operational capability.     


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The History of

Van Kappel

Van Kappel BV
Holland (Venlo)
Van Kappel International (VKI)
Canada (Redcliff)

The Van Kappel family originally from Holland, emigrated to South Africa in the 1950’s, returned to Holland in the 1970s, when its European business was established within the vehicle retail market, where it became the largest Bosch agency in Holland.


Van Kappel BV located in Venlo is the Head Office of the VK Group.  VK BV established itself as a key MOD contractor in the early 1990’s providing focused engineering support and repairs to the Britsh & Dutch forces based across Germany and Holland.


Van Kappel International Inc (VKI)  is a Canadian Incorporated Company based in Redcliff, Alberta, Canada which has provided highly technical engineering solutions and OEM quality remanufacturing services to the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) since 2006. 

Van Kappel Ltd

UK (Warminster)

International Business

Van Kappel Africa

Kenya (Nanyuki)

Van Kappel Ltd was established in 2012 primarily to focus on Group strategic and commercial planning.  In 2013 VK Ltd set up facilities in Warminster to deliver both CR2 and Warrior Auxiliary Power Unit Overhaul lines. 



Van Kappel has established a new DRS facility in Kenya to support the UK MOD Training facility based in Nanyuki. Further information will be provided once the facility becomes operational.